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"Visibility and the French Situation."

"Visibility and the French Situation."

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In this lecture, Daniel Dayan, will address the reliance of yesterday’s antisemitism on three rhetorical strategies based on denial, and propose to call such strategies ‘Denegative antisémitism’, ‘Altruistic Antisemitism’, and ‘Equivocal Antisemitism. He will also discusse the orchestration of public blindness that responded to these rhetorical strategies through what might be called "Spectatorial Antisemitism."

For 18 weeks the french situation has been dominated by weekly explosions of violence. While originally expressing economic concerns, the "Yellow Vests" Movement escalated into violent rioting; challenged the authority of the state; called for the toppling of a democratically elected government; openly discussed the execution of its president.

"Yellow Vests" populism also revealed the return of an explicit, unabashed, antisemitism expressed through a constant growing number of graveyard desecrations, verbal aggressions, physical attacks, and conspiracy theories. Today the existence of this antisemitism is beyond discussion. Not so long ago, it was far from being so.

While denounced today, judeophobia has been quietly prospering for years under a variety of alibis or excuses, especially when it took the form of terrorist attacks or deliberate assassinations. It often benefitted from a combination of blindness and complacency on the part of political authorities, judiciary authorities and the media.

Daniel Dayan is a fellow of the Marcel Mauss Institute (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris). Dayan has been a professor of Media Sociology at CNRS-Paris, and a visiting professor at Sciences-Po-Paris, the universities of Stanford, Geneva, Oslo, Bergen, and at the New School for Social Research. He also has been an Annenberg Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania; a fellow of the European Science Foundation; a resident of the Rockefeller foundation - Bellagio, and a resident of Hebrew University‘s Institute of Advanced Study. He received the International Communication Association "Fellows Award", and is on the jury of the Bernheim Prize for the social sciences. His work on film and media is available in 13 languages. Dayan currently writes about visibility and the management of collective attention.

Presented by the Sociology Department at the New School for Social Research

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