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Latin America Documentary Series: Discussions of Space

Latin America Documentary Series: Discussions of Space

Glass Corner, Parsons East Building
General Public 

The Design Studies Forum (Parsons, The New School) is pleased to announce and invite you to the "Latin America Documentary screenings: Discussions of Space".


Ilha das Flores (Isle of Flowers)
1989 | 13min
Director: Jorge Furtado

2015 | 5min
Artists/director: Mundano and Martha Cooper

Topics of discussion:
waste, recycling, graffiti, social justice, poverty, social empowerment. Followed by talk with MA/ MFA Students from The New School: Darcy Bender, Andrea Burgueño, Bernardo Loureiro and Silvia Xavier.

Ilha das Flores (Isle of Flowers):  A sardonic "educational" treatise on the food chain, consumerism, injustice, and how free markets operate.  A spoiled tomato discarded by a middle-class housewife is tracked from a tomato farm to the slop fed to pigs on the Ilha das Flores, where the garbage not good enough for pigs is given to the landless poor in strictly controlled 5-minute intervals.

#vivaoscatadores: The graffiti artist Mundano, in partnership with the photographer Martha Cooper, promoted an exhibition (2015/2016) to celebrate the work of waste pickers (catadores, in Portuguese). Mundano works with catadores to paint and refurbish the carts (carroças) that they use for collecting recyclables. Through art and community participation, the goal is to promote visibility and respect for these workers, who are important recycling agents in our cities and carry out this activity as a way of subsistence.

About the presenters:
Bernardo Loureiro - MA Design and Urban Ecologies 16'
Bernardo is interested in the intersection of cities and landscapes, and in the materials and flows that underpin this relationship. He is currently building a digital tool to explore New York City's waste system and propose alternatives for the future.

Silvia Xavier- MA Design and Urban Ecologies 16'
Silvia is Interested in the relationship between humans and our idea of waste, her current research focus on the work of canners in NYC.

Darcy Bender - MA Design and Urban Ecologies 16'
Darcy is interested in human-material relations in the Anthropocene. She is currently exploring travel as a method for transforming everyday practices.

Andrea Burgueño- MFA Transdiciplinary Design 16'
Andrea is interested in observing and identifying emerging cultural practices, in today’s complex societies. Andrea is currently exploring the tensions between the legal/ illegal frameworks among canners.


Sponsored by Parsons School of Design.

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