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Kenta Shimakawa, Guitarist | Autumn '17 Ensemble & Recital Series | School of Jazz

Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

School of Jazz Performance Space, Room I531, Arnhold Hall 55 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011

Kenta Shimakawa will play his senior recital to close out his time at The New School and present music from his upcoming debut album. The personnel will include an extended ensemble of musicians including the members of his band TinderGodz. The ensemble will include: Kenta Shimakawa on Guitar, Baptiste Horcholle on Soprano and Tenor Saxophones, Sunhyun Yoo on Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Yoni Livnat on Electric Bass, PJ Fossum on Piano and Synthesizer, Michael Larocca on Drums, Liam Zahm on Drums, Louisa Rosi on Voice, Arta Jekabsone on Voice, Billy Duffy on Trombone, Kana Miyamoto on Flute, Kieran McAuliffe on Guitar. Kenta Shimakawa started the guitar in high school and through it he’s discovered the possibilities of expression through music. Through his time at The New School and New York City, he’s learned to dig deep into the music that’s left an impression on him until now; creating music that encompasses elements of jazz, metal, and classical music. This senior recital is special as it involves a large, 11 piece ensemble to recreate the sonic breadth and landscapes present in Kenta Shimakawa’s debut album. It is a chance to experience his unique take on new music, showcasing a large ensemble (including a horn section) weaving through an array of textures, genres and through-composed and improvised material. Expect to hear dizzying vocal melodies, cascading synths, a wall of distorted guitars, aggressive doublebass pedal, soaring saxophone solos, and punchy horn section hits, all in the span of 50 minutes of non-stop music.

Presented by the School of Jazz. 

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Guitarist and composer Kenta Shimakawa is a different voice emerging in todays jazz scene, playing and writing music that you can’t quite place your finger on and tickles your musical expectations. His music is known for combining unexpected textures from the abrasive, punchy sounds of modern metal to the lush and colorful sounds of jazz harmony and collective improvisation. The result is a unique sound that stretches the boundaries of how we classify music today, blurring the lines between genres and exploring new territories in instrumentation. His writing continues to evolve and expand as he explores big band, string writing, and quirky instrumentations such as two distorted guitars playing with acoustic piano. Kenta Shimakawa leads the band TinderGodz, formed in 2016 between like-minded musicians with a passion for highly rhythmic, jagged, and harmonically adventurous music, as well as a sense of humor. The bands name represents a group that produces complex and difficult music but isn’t busy taking themselves too seriously; their song titles and performances are inspired by the many avenues of internet and musical humor. Kenta started TinderGodz as collective that explores the unique writing of each of it’s members and as such it’s sound is constantly evolving. TinderGodz released its first EP, ‘The Emergence’ independently in January 2017 as a digital release. Engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Kenta, it presents the first milestone in his career as a producer, composer, and audio engineer. The EP was bold statement that captured the ears of listeners all across globe, reviewed by individuals and music blogs all around the world. The sonic combination of heavy guitars with distorted saxophone, synthesizer pads, and fast double bass drum grooves, was a sound very few have explored until now, and baffled the ears of many, others calling it a unexpected marriage between “jazz and metal”. Kenta is currently at work on his next release, this time a full-length album under his own name. Again, produced, composed, and engineered by himself, the album represents continued exploration in a individual, unique sound and aesthetic. Set to release in November, the music has an even larger scope of influences, with the inclusion of voice, spoken word/rap, and brass, string sections. Perhaps what’s most unique about the album is the multi-national aspect of the personnel, as it involves a large cast of 13 musicians from all around the globe including France, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, California and New York; possible from his work recording on the go while abroad as well as the internet.

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