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GIDEST Seminar with Jessica Pisano

April 26, 2019, 4:00 PM

GIDEST Seminar with Jessica Pisano

General Public 

2018-19 GIDEST Fellow Jessica Pisano presents,  "A Social Life of Property: European Borderlands Under Fascism, State Socialism and Neoliberalism."

What was fascism? What was communism? What is neoliberalism? Jessica Pisano’s current work revisits these questions through a historical ethnography of a single street in western Ukraine that ends in a barbed wire fence. In her GIDEST seminar, Jessica will discuss a turbulent period in the life of this street—“a period that may have something to teach us, if we are able to listen,” she writes.

Three decades into the twentieth century, residents of this street confronted rapid political change. The Hungarian army has just retaken the area after interwar Czechoslovak rule, and the population is negotiating new, restrictive citizenship rules and changing laws about migrants and border regimes. Soon, some of the street’s residents will be deported and murdered: first, because they are members of an ethnic minority with irregular citizenship status, then, just three years later, simply because they are members of that ethnic minority. 

Both those who were deported and those who remained left behind material traces of their lives. What can those traces tell us about the social order in which they lived? What did those who remained do when their neighbors were deported, and how did they think about their responsibilities? How did different members of this society think about the relationship between legality and morality? Finally, after violence, amidst loss, ellipses, and silence, what kinds of knowledge are needed to read a landscape?

This seminar is a discussion of pre-circulated material that can be found on the GIDEST website for attendees to view in advance.  

This event is part of the bi-weekly GIDEST Seminars presented by the Graduate Institute of Design, Ethnography, & Social Thought at The New School for Social Research

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