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Sunday, December 17

Spring 2018 General Registration For Courses At Open Campus At The New School

Calling all outliers, innovators, activists, entrepreneurs, and creators to find your home alongside like-minded continuing education students at The New...


General Public

Governing Bodies - exhibition
12:00 pm

"Governing Bodies" is a collaborative group show that tests democratic mechanisms in creative practice. Inspired by the United States’ 2016 national...

Adriel Vincent, Drums | Autumn '17 Ensemble & Recital Series | School of Jazz
2:00 pm

Adriel Vincent-Brown is a young drummer hailing from the twin republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He is inspired by many cultures having lived in the diverse...

Alex Louloudis , Drums and Percussion  | Autumn '17 Ensemble & Recital Series | School of Jazz
4:00 pm

For his senior recital, Alexandros Louloudis is presenting, for the first time in the US, his own poetry along with his original musical compositions. With...

Student Recital - Lauren Yokabaskas, soprano
5:30 pm

This Graduation Recital is presented by Lauren Yokabaskas, soprano, a student of Bonnie Hamilton at Mannes School of Music in the Professional Studies...

Student Recital - Leah Glick & Avital Mazor, Violin and Viola
5:30 pm

This recital is presented by Leah Glick, a viola student of Daniel Panner in the Master of Music program and Avital Mazor, a violin student of Lucie Robert...

Hae Dong Yoon , Guitar | Autumn '17 Ensemble & Recital Series | School of Jazz
6:00 pm

This student recital will feature Hae Dong Yoon's original compositions and arrangements. Through this recital, Moments in Time, he will express various...

StoneFest at The New School
7:00 pm

The Stone at The New School serves as an artist-centric home and community for experimental and avant-garde artists, where they can perform what they want...

Student Recital - Lydia Ciaputa (soprano) & Lochlan Brown (collaborative piano)
8:00 pm

This Graduation Recital is presented by Lydia Ciaputa (soprano) & Lochlan Brown (collaborative piano), collaborative piano soprano, a student of Beth...

Sunday, December 17