Public Engagement


Sunday, November 17

Look Only at the Movement - Exhibition
9:00 am

A video presentation by smudge studio examines the entangled infrastructures of nuclear waste transportation and the United States highway system. Generated...

Fashion Interactions
12:00 pm

Fashion Interactions is a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores fashion culture by means of contemporary art, design and media. The exhibited works...

Masterclass - Hugo Goldenzweig, piano
1:30 pm

Featuring pianist Hugo Goldenzweig, this Extension Division piano masterclass provides music lovers with a rare opportunity to witness the interaction...

Francesco Fratini, trumpet | Fall '13 Ensemble & Recital Series | New School Jazz
6:00 pm

The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music presents student Francesco Fratini (trumpet), who will be performing his senior recital. Born in Rome on...

Mannes Upperwest Chamber Music, Concert 5
7:30 pm

The Ernst C. Stiefel Chamber Music Series presents Mannes College chamber music ensembles in a series performance at Mannes. The program for this concert...

Sunday, November 17